09/12/06 - OMG...an upgrade! I just filled the music-page with a cocktail of some tunes from 1985-2005.
03/12/05 -

Finally my purest incarnation is on the raid again...immortal Morthal:


03/04/05 -

Ummm...expect a break here that might last for a while. I felt an eternal longing for a game that will totally satisfy my greed for adventures in virtual dimensions. So I grabbed World of Warcraft and am hooked since a week now. Most of the time I play together with Micha, got a lvl 22 Taurus fighter and yesterday we both started a new char, female and male orc shaman, Mickey and Mallory, muhahaha..


02/06/05 - Uh-Oh, it's time for an upgrade! My CubaseSX collapses each time I load a few instances of VSTs or audio tracks. I can't even edit some of my old songs. Now I'm planning to grab a new mainboard and cpu, prolly Intel XP 3000+ on some Gigabyte-board filled with 2GB of DDR-400 RAM. I hope that Cubase will run smooth with those upgrades and a fresh installation. I should receive my upgrade to Cubase SX 3 in the beginning of next week. I already received the other software that I ordered, awesome Battery 2 and sounds beyond imagination that are created by my new software-synth: Absynth 3! I always been fascinated of weird synthezisers like the good old Oberheim Matrix 12 or Ensoniq VFX and not to forget my old Korg MS20. There's a massive base of about 1000 presets and Battery 2 also comes with a lot of kits. A first testing piece can be heard here.
12/30/04 - Yeah, the end is near, of an exhausting year. But there's great news. I finally found a comrade-in-arms who played guitar in metal-bands but did quit a few years ago. We met at the kindergarten of my son Elric and at the first time I invited him to a coffee in the morning and played some of my tunes he got pretty nervous and rushed to get his guitar here. We are on a pretty same good/bad level of playing but we use very different styles. He can play fast shredding rythm-guitar and a doomish lead guitar while I do those heavy slow godzilla-rythms and my weird psycho-lead. First tune we both are working at is my oldest own tune which I created about 25 years ago...Sturmbringer. Germans will prolly laugh their ass off cause finally I found the lyrics of Drafi Deutscher's "Marmor, Stein und Eisen..." the most matching. The tune still is in development, so click below from time to time to listen to the newest mixes:
Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht
10/06/04 - Hmmm...did cut the soft synth track and made the tune a hymn for my strongest char in Sacred, an action-computer-roleplaying-game like Diablo2. Sounds a bit darker now. :P
10/02/04 -

Uh..still anybody watching and listening here?!? Finally got enough time, Chi, or whatever to create a new piece of Gothic Space Metal, though this time it's more of Synth-Pop-Metal which no one will like cause for metallists it might be too poppy and for popheads it surely is too heavy. ;P


08/08/04 - LOL...it's going down...I'm back to blues! In future you'll prolly have to crawl into my already dead mom's innards to track me down.
07/03/04 - Ugh...finally I had a few inspired hours today and worked at the new song a bit.
03/26/04 - *YAAAAaaaaaaawn!!!*...finally yesterday morning I moved my ass away from my bed and PS2 (done with FFX, FFX-2 and a lot other games), wiped all the dust off my gear, and started making music again after the long break that started last summer. Though I'm still bound raising my four kids I need some change, at least doing something again instead of spending each free minute gaming. You can already listen to the intro and first part of my new song here or in the music-section.
07/18/03 - Uploaded a new version of Caged, including vocals of Trish from Letris. My humble thanks to those fine swiss musicians as well as to Sven Boege, my guitar teacher who did the shredding on this tune.
07/15/03 -

Ungh, made some weird stuff today, pretty 'silent' song, lyrics are a combination of 'Pissing in a river' from Patti Smith, 'The End' from the Doors and 'Trinklied' of 'Einstürzende Neubauten', hehe:

~ Pissing the end of Trinklied ~

07/02/03 -

Ouch, my head! Damn fridge refused to provide me with more beer. Had to browse the stuff left from my stepfather and grabbed some vine:

At least I could add a nice lead guitar to Caged as well as some lyrics from Christian Morgenstern. Lead is played by my guitar-teacher, guess I'll need a year or two to play that fast.

07/01/03 - Not much news here, added two ideas for riffs to the music-page. Oh, my Diablo2-clan became 3 years old today and one of my daughters 7.
06/24/03 - Crawled out of my pit and just carved this site using raw meat out of the pool of binary madness. Welcome stranger!