The Golden Years (1985-1990)
Der Bi-Ba-Butzelmann - Oh well, except for a guitar at the end of this tune, the song is completely mouthmade ~1985, with drum/bass-samples of my voice. A real party-killer! *eg*
Puppets - An evergreen, produced in the nineties.
Small Talk Killer - Still about 1986, at that time I loved sampling using my Ensoniq Mirage, even an orgasm.
Wish you were here - One of my favourites, my girlfriend at that time had just left to South-France with 3 boys, I spent the night playing the blues and drowning in tequila, the next day I swallowed the rest of my mushrooms and did that dark piece.
Wallies - A tribute to Anne Clark and the nights in the "Pfefferminz", a club here in Kiel.
The New Breed (2002-2005)
Steel Dreams Blues - One of my first test-pieces after upgrading my stuff 2002. It's a tribute to the Steel Dreams message-board.
Gear - Again a tune related to SD-board and my upgearing and still testing stuff like Cubase.
We have a Dream - My german-slowenian version of a song originally performed by Dieter Bohlen and some casting gimps from DSDS 2003 I guess.
Blinded - Dunno what to say, some more tune finding my sound using the new equipment.
Caged - A kind of masterpiece, my first completely worked out tune using Cubase, PoD and stuff. Additional guitar by Sven Böege and the voice of Trish.
Pissing the end of Trinklied - Some merging of lyrics from Patti Smith and the Doors bound in another strange tune.
Santanica - A tribute to my female vampire character of the mmorpg Sacred.
Vaterunser - Hm, great composition, grabbed a bible and found a matching
Marmor, Stein und Eisen - This is the most recent tune from my soundforge, created it together with Micha, made his acquaintance here in our kindergarten, he plays the second guitar.