- Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Sampler, Recording, Internet
Music - Amon Amarth, Bolt Thrower, Callenish Circle, Criminal.
Poetry - Michael Moorcock.
Food - Chinese.
Liquids - Coffee, Beer, Krimskoye, Tequila.
Games - Diablo II LOD, Zelda, Final Fantasy.
Gear - Ibanez, Gibson, B.C.Rich, Yamaha, Engl, Line6, Ensoniq, Steinberg, Toontrack, AKG, M-Audio.
Bio   Started making music ~1979, played guitar in the band DIZZKIZ from 1984-1987, then keyboard at MØRTL from 1992-1994. Since 1980 he created music on his own, beginning with an old double-deck-tape, then 4-track, 8-track and since 2003 finally recording based on CubaseSX.
- Vocals
- Guitar
- Bass
- Drums
- Sampler
Those question marks could be YOU! This is my first serious project after I had to quit my last band MØRTL 1995 due to the forthcoming birth of my 3rd child. And this also is my open cage I'm residing in, invisible chains and pentagrams that I've summoned and drawn myself. My wife has been captured by a strong demon that has needles instead of fingers and that I won't fight again. So I care for our four kids alone binding me to my home. Providing them with the possibiliy to develop without restrictions (xept for extremes) has absolute priority, that's my fate, luck and burden I took being the black paladin that I am. I plan to rebuild the basement in our house here to be able to use it as practice-room and studio. My only chance to play in a band until my kids are grown up or the mistress of my dreams shows up. If you are not yet shocked and like my stuff, if you live near or move to Kiel in northern germany get in touch with me. I need your help to spread GSM all over the world. Main power shall always be the music created by individuals, not the individual itself. No arrogant shredding-gods, no singers suffering from image neurosis, no racists, no fascists, no religious fanatics, no drug-addicts, no moaners, no negative persons at all. Some healthy anger, a bit melancholy, dreams, fiction is allright. Fuck it, just call me if you feel that you're the next to get onboard. - Morthal